PRACTICE AREA | Clean Energy and Carbon Strategy

Castalia advises on clean energy policies and strategies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Governments and businesses around the world are taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve environmental outcomes. However, people and businesses continue to need access to reasonably priced and reliable energy. We help our clients understand the difficult trade-offs involved in clean energy policy and investment to develop approaches that make commercial sense and achieve environmental objectives.

We work towards efficient clean energy development and carbon strategies through:

  • Influencing national climate change policy: We advise on sensible policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at least possible economic cost. We approach our advice by assessing the economic costs of policy options and assessing their effectiveness in reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Helping companies adapt and prosper under regimes to control greenhouse gas emissions: We influence policy debates through fact-based analysis and strong policy advocacy.  We help companies to assess risks and opportunities under regulatory regimes and we develop strategies to respond to policy measures, such as hedges, least-cost abatement, and building competitive advantages
  • Developing clean energy projects: High oil prices and concerns about climate change have raised interest in renewable energy investments throughout the world. Castalia has assessed the financial and economic viability of wind, hydro and bio-fuel schemes in Nicaragua, Pakistan, Jamaica, the Philippines, New Zealand, New Caledonia and elsewhere in the Pacific.