SECTOR | Energy

Energy companies around the world face an unprecedented mix of market volatility and regulatory change. Our understanding of power markets and regulatory dynamics enables us to help companies manage risk, and pursue investment opportunities to create value.

We understand all aspects of the energy sector. We have extensive knowledge of the different types of energy sources such as coal, gas and renewable energy, as well as the different parts of the supply chain, namely, generation, transmission and distribution.

Our work in the energy sector ranges from advising on technical issues—such as providing contestable transmission services—to the challenging problems of providing high quality, affordable energy services in developing countries. The services we provide in the energy sector include:

  • Industry structure and market design: Guiding companies and Governments through the evolution of energy markets. We develop practical solutions to the industry issues based on our experience and an understanding of the unique circumstances involved in each country
  • Private investment in energy infrastructure: We advise Governments on how best to attract private capital and management expertise to develop their energy sectors. We help investors with market and regulatory analysis needed to value investment opportunities
  • Energy regulation: Working with distribution and transmission companies to make regulatory considerations central to their corporate strategy, and helping Governments and regulators develop suitable frameworks to regulate energy service provision.
  • Competition related matters: We can assist firms assess the potential competition impact of a proposed merger, business arrangement or market reform in the energy sector.