PRACTICE AREAS | Infrastructure Policy and Planning

Castalia provides innovative infrastructure policy and planning solutions to improve the delivery of essential services.

We see the provision of infrastructure service as fundamental to economic performance. Sound infrastructure policy and long-term planning are crucial in achieving the economic potential of any country or region.

We design and implement innovative, effective policy solutions based on our global business and public policy experience. The main components of Castalia’s advice on infrastructure policy include:

  • Formulating policies that support investment: Recommending infrastructure policy solutions that encourage private investment in infrastructure through tailored approaches to mitigating investment risks and attracting external capital
  • Improving service provision: Advising on service standards for infrastructure sectors to ensure that the benefits of infrastructure development flow through to consumers of infrastructure services.

The focus of Castalia’s work in infrastructure planning includes:

  • Technical analysis of infrastructure needs: Forecasting demand for infrastructure services and using specialised models to determine the economic benefits of different infrastructure plans and least-cost planning approaches
  • Infrastructure financing: Evaluating feasible financing sources to implement infrastructure plans, from development agencies, government sources and the private sector
  • Risk analysis: Examining the major risks in infrastructure businesses and formulating strategies to mitigate these risks.
  • Institutional and governance arrangements: Designing institutional arrangements that link together citizens, governments, and service providers in ways that are efficient, flexible, and responsive to changing needs