Castalia advises on clean energy policies and strategies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Gianmarco ServettiGianmarco has extensive expertise in sustainable energy and CO2 mitigation. His recent experience at Castalia includes managing the development of a Sustainable Energy Framework for Barbados, where he adviced on policy, regulations, and financial instruments for promoting economically viable renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that will reduce the country's energy costs, reliance on fossil fuels, and CO2 emissions; and the development of a legal framework for renewable energy in Dominica, with a particular focus on realizing the country's geothermal potential. Among previous assignments, he participated in the design of renewable energy and energy efficiency credit facilities for Peru and Jordan; the design of energy efficiency and CO2 mitigation programs in Bolivia, Mexico, Honduras, and the United States; and a study on the biofuels potential of Mozambique. His expertise also includes analyzing private equity investment opportunities in renewable energy and clean technology projects. 

Alex Sundakov—Alex’s experience in public policy and commercial decision-making makes him a trusted advisor to major energy companies and industry groups on clean energy policy and the impacts of the Kyoto Protocol. Alex regularly advises major corporations in Australia, New Zealand and Canada on the latest developments in policies to reduce emissions, and he helps companies formulate regulatory strategies and develop internal processes for regulatory compliance. Alex is well-known for his work in New Zealand challenging the assumptions of the Government’s climate change policy, which led the Government to revise its projections of the national fiscal impact of the Kyoto Protocol

David Ehrhardt—David has worked on clean generation developments globally. In the Mekong region, he helped the Asian Development Bank develop a regional strategy to encourage renewable generation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the Caribbean, David has helped to create regulatory structures to promote renewable energy. He recently advised the Office of Utilities Regulation in Jamaica on its first tender for renewable generation procurement. In New Zealand, David has helped to assess the costs of the proposed cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gases, and has advised companies on strategies to adapt to the new regime.