Castalia provides innovative infrastructure policy and planning solutions to improve the delivery of essential services.

David Ehrhardt—David has helped to codify high-quality approaches to infrastructure policy and planning, notably in his work for the National Economic Development Authority in the Philippines and the Government of Indonesia. At a more micro-level he has helped water utilities develop least cost expansion plans, and the tariff and financing regimes necessary to support them, in places as diverse as Auckland, Melbourne and Hobart on the one hand, to Mumbai and Karachi on the other. In the electricity sector he pioneered work on an economically rational approach to setting security standards in New Zealand's liberalised power market, and in transport guided the cost-benefit analysis of major urban transport investments in Karachi and Lahore, taking into account agglomeration benefits, as well as developing effective financing and operational structures to make the plans implementable.

Alex Sundakov—Alex has served as a lead policy and planning advisor to large infrastructure developments throughout Asia, Africa and the Pacific. Alex advised the Government of Indonesia on policy measures to support an ambitious program of rural electrification that resulted in increases in electricity connections of over 1 million households per year. Alex also led a team that identified technically viable geothermal power generation sites in Indonesia with a total potential of 7,000 to 8,000 MW. In Africa, Alex led a review of infrastructure service provision in Gabon and is helping the Government of Rwanda attract financial support for its electrification program. In New Zealand he has worked on major port mergers, transmission and other energy investments.