Castalia develops tailored approaches to regulate natural monopolies and advises firms on strategies to mitigate regulatory risk and maximise the value of regulated assets

David Ehrhardt—David is recognised as a global authority on utility regulation. He worked initially on New Zealand's pioneering experiments with light-handed regulation, before moving to London to advise privatized water and electricity utilities on their regulatory strategy for the first review of their price controls. David has created or advised on multi-sector regulatory regimes and agencies for numerous countries, including Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago. He has advised on water regulation in New Zealand, Australia, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia. He authored definitive World Bank guidance on the topic in Explanatory Notes on Water Regulation [PDF]. In telecommunications, David has advised on interconnection regimes and local loop regulation in New Zealand, the Bahamas, Jamaica and elsewhere. In the electricity sector, he has advised New Zealand's transmission company and largest distributor on regulatory issues, as well as helping the Philippines Energy Regulatory Commission improve the regulatory regime to boost efficiency and investment in electricity distribution.

Alex Sundakov—Alex has advised both governments and major international corporations on natural monopoly regulation in New Zealand, Canada the Philippines, Indonesia and South Africa. His perspective on regulation comes both from his involvement assisting governments and regulatory bodies to improve the quality of the regulatory environment, and from assisting infrastructure businesses in dealing with regulatory threats and undertaking complex transactions. Alex recently advised Babcock and Brown Infrastructure on its response to a regulatory decision to significantly reduce electricity distribution tariffs and has developed the methodology for setting electricity tariffs in Tonga.

Nils Janson—Nils advises governments, financial institutions, and private companies on strategies for financing, developing, regulating, and governance of infrastructure. He has advised governments and regulatory authorities in Argentina, the Eastern Caribbean States, Mexico, Montenegro, Uganda, and Venezuela on developing and strengthening regulatory regimes for energy and water utilities.