World Bank publishes Water Utility Turnaround Framework | 28 Dec 2018
The World Bank publishes the Water Utility Turnaround Framework which was developed with a team from Castalia. ... Read more
Jonathan Walters interviews ACWA about the DEWA 700MW CSP Project | 22 Aug 2018
Jonathan Walters interviews Paddy Padmanthan about the DEWA 700MW CSP Project... Read more
Webinar: What to do about stranded assets in conventional electricity generation | 19 Jul 2018
A discussion on how to approach stranded assets when renewable electricity outcompetes conventional electricity generation.... Read more
Webinar: Organizing competitive tenders designed for tariff optimization | 12 Jul 2018
An in-depth discussion from experts about how to optimize your competitive tender to meet your specific objectives.... Read more
Sustainable Electricity Trade Initiative Underway | 12 Apr 2018

Castalia is working with Artelys, EY, and Fraunhofer ISI on an initiative that seeks to promote renewable energy trade between Europe and North Africa. We are helping to establish a roadmap for sustainable electricity trade between France, Germany, Morocco, Portugal, and Spain.

... Read more
Castalia developed Energy Master Plans for the Federated States of Micronesia | 14 Mar 2018
Castalia has been working closely with the national and state governments, utilities, and other stakeholders to develop State and National Energy Master Plans for the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). ... Read more
Webinar: Tunisia Solar Market status update | 14 Feb 2018
This webinar looks into the current status of the renewable market in Tunisia and opportunities for companies along the supply chain. ... Read more
Castalia presents the 6th annual Renewable Islands Index and Marketplace at CREF | 25 Oct 2017
Castalia presented the sixth annual Renewable Islands Index at the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF).... Read more
Castalia at the IDB/NWC Regional Water Finance Conference | 10 Jun 2017
Castalia presented a comparison of the performance of water utilities across the Caribbean at the Water Financing Conference held in Riu Montego, Jamaica, between 3-5 May.... Read more
Castalia Obtained $1.1 Million USTDA Grant for Pele | 07 Jun 2017
Castalia secured a $1.1 million grant for Pele for the development of a 75 MW solar project in South Africa.... Read more
Castalia advises Sudan's PPP Unit | 24 Feb 2017
Castalia is supporting the Government of the Republic of Sudan in developing a new PPP policy and pipeline of viable PPP projects.... Read more
Castalia advises the Uruguayan Government on preparing a US$55m Education PPP | 28 Oct 2016
Castalia is advising the Corporación Nacional para el Desarrollo of Uruguay on preparing a PPP project for 44 kindergarten and 15 daycare centers.... Read more
CHINA*AFRICA Research Initiative | 25 Oct 2016
Castalia’s CEO David Ehrhardt chairs panel on financing aspects of China’s contribution to African infrastructure, as part of China Africa Research Initiative conference at John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies... Read more
Castalia presents fifth annual Renewable Islands Index and Marketplace at CREF | 25 Oct 2016
Castalia presented the fifth annual Renewable Islands Index at the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF).... Read more
The African Water Companies Serving the Poorest and Staying Afloat | 05 Oct 2016

The African water companies serving the poorest and staying afloat—The Guardian reports on a major new study Castalia wrote with the World Bank…

... Read more
Castalia advises on US$282m US 183 Expressway Financing in Austin, Texas | 25 Nov 2015

Castalia advised TIFIA, the US government’s federal credit assistance program, on its US$282 million loan to finance part of the US$856 million US 183 project (also called the Bergstrom Expressway).

... Read more
Here Comes the Sun: solar-led green growth in the Middle East and North Africa | 24 Nov 2015
Jonathan Walters, Castalia Senior Advisor, explains how the massive solar energy resource in the Middle East and North Africa is a huge opportunity for the region and the world as a whole... Read more
Castalia recognized as Plain English Reference | 23 Nov 2015
Castalia's Plain English standard was recognized as a worldwide reference on Radio New Zealand... Read more
WB publishes Castalia report on WSS in Melanesia | 19 Nov 2015
The World Bank publishes Castalia report on water and sanitation in informal settlements in Melanesia... Read more
Castalia is Best Organization in 2015 WriteMark Plain English Awards | 19 Nov 2015
Castalia Strategic Advisors has won the Best Organisation category in the 2015 WriteMark Plain English Awards.... Read more
Castalia Appointed to New Zealand’s All of Government Economics Consultancy Panel | 12 Nov 2015
Castalia appointed to New Zealand’s All of Government (AoG) consultancy panel for finance and economics.... Read more
Castalia presents fourth annual Renewable Islands Index and Marketplace at CREF | 29 Oct 2015
For the fourth consecutive year, Castalia presented our Renewable Islands Index—our annual ranking of jurisdictions in the Caribbean based on their policy/regulatory environment, projects developed to date, and future projects planned—at the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF).... Read more
What To Do When PPPs Go Wrong | 23 Jun 2015
Michael Schur, Castalia's Managing Director, was asked to write an article for a Handshake Edition focused on a PPP getting into trouble early on but careful thinking about possible solutions leads to a good outcome. ... Read more
Castalia helps Bermuda adopt landmark electricity sector policy | 12 Jun 2015
... Read more
Castalia provides New Zealand with its first national picture ever published of its water assets | 15 Apr 2015
Castalia provides New Zealand with its first national picture ever published of its water assets... Read more
Castalia advises on US$209m Portsmouth Bypass P3 (PPP) Financing in Ohio | 02 Apr 2015
Castalia advised TIFIA, the US government’s federal credit assistance program, on its US$209 million loan to finance part of the Portsmouth Bypass P3 (PPP) project in Ohio. The project is a 16-mile, limited access, four-lane highway. The project reached Finance Close on 01 April 2015.... Read more
Castalia advises TIFIA on US$194m Wekiva Parkway Financing | 30 Mar 2015
Castalia advised TIFIA, the US government’s federal credit assistance program, on its US$194 million loan to finance part of the US$2 billion Wekiva Parkway project. Wekiva Parkway is a 25-mile toll road which will help complete the beltway around metropolitan Orlando. The project reached Finance Close on 25 March 2015. ... Read more
Gates Foundation Releases Castalia’s Ground-breaking Report | 18 Mar 2015
The Gates Foundation releases Castalia’s ground-breaking report on what works and what doesn’t when using Results Based Financing to improve Water, Sanitation and Hygiene conditions... Read more
Castalia Provides Successful Expert Economic Evidence in Environmental Protection Agency Hearing | 22 Feb 2015
In October 2014, an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hearing was held into Chatham Rock Phosphate Ltd’s proposal to mine rock phosphate from the seabed off the South Island of New Zealand. ... Read more
DFID publishes Castalia report on Infrastructure in Africa and South Asia | 28 Jan 2015
Castalia prepared a review on gaps in infrastructure services in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, and on the barriers that stand in the way of scaling up infrastructure as an input to the Department for International Development’s (DFID’s) Infrastructure Policy Framework.... Read more
Castalia Presents at CREF 2014 | 06 Oct 2014
Gianmarco Servetti and Lars Olson presented at the 6th annual Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum... Read more
Mining Commissioned Report Finds Subsidy Level Far Lower Than Previously Claimed | 15 Sep 2014
The mining and resources sector ran a wide media campaign on the back of Castalia's report, which was quoted in the country's largest circulation newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, amongst others. Michael Schur, Managing Director, was interviewed on national radio.... Read more
Castalia Economic Experts Testify in Hearing Paving Way for $3.3 Billion Development | 12 Aug 2014
The experts in Castalia's Wellington office recently testified in the Tainui Group Holdings hearings, paving the way for a $3.3 Billion development.... Read more
Calvin Monson Weighs In on Mexican Telecoms Reform | 22 Mar 2014

Castalia's Senior Vice President for Telecommunications lays out the potential impact of proposed telecoms legislation in Mexico.

... Read more
Castalia Single Buyer Policy Study Referenced in Article on New Zealand Energy Policy | 10 Feb 2014

Castalia's research into electricity single buyer policy cited in the National Business Review (NBR)

... Read more
Castalia-CREF Renewable Energy Islands Index for the Caribbean 2013 | 13 Nov 2013
Release of the second annual benchmark for progress on renewable energy in the region generates news coverage ... Read more
Public Release of Castalia Report on the Energy Sector in the Bahamas | 23 Oct 2013
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has revealed to the public for the first time a Castalia 2012 report studying the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC)... Read more
Castalia Report on International Experience With Single Buyer Models for Electricity Released to Media | 23 Oct 2013
Contact Energy NZ releases to the media an August 2013 Castalia report... Read more
Jamaica OUR Names Castalia Client Among Preferred Bidders for Renewable Energy Auction | 04 Oct 2013
The Jamaica Office of Utilities Regulation recently announced that WRB Enterprises Inc. was selected as one to supply renewable energy on a Build, Own and Operate (BOO) basis... Read more
Castalia contributes on NCAPEC report on FDI | 01 Oct 2013

Castalia Managing Director, Alfonso Guzman, writes about the importance of developing robust PPP mechanisms for a National Center for APEC (NCAPEC) report on attracting and harnessing infrastructure FDI

... Read more
Alfonso Guzman Comments on the Difficulties of a Canal in Nicaragua | 20 Jun 2013
Managing Director Alfonso Guzman was quoted in a Reuters article exploring the skepticism surrounding a proposed canal through Nicaragua... Read more
Castalia presents on RE opportunties in Guadeloupe | 20 May 2013
Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) Practice Leader, Gianmarco Servetti, presented at the Instuitut de Cooperation Franco Caraibe forum in Guadeleloupe.... Read more
Vector Gas Meter Aquisition Cleared by NZ Commerce Commission | 29 Apr 2013
Castalia was hired by Vector to consider the competition effects of a proposed merger between the gas metering businesses owned by Vector and Contact. ... Read more
Jamaica OUR Publishes NWC Tariff Submission 2013-2018 | 16 Apr 2013
The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) has published the National Water Commission (NWC) tariff proposal for 2013, prepared in assistance with Castalia.... Read more
IFC Publishes Article about Hydropower Transaction that Castalia is Advising in the African Great Lakes Region | 15 Apr 2013

The article, entitled "Cooperation amid Conflict", discusses how the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi have put any differences aside to develop and attract private investment in the Ruzizi III project, a 147MW hydropower plant on the Ruzizi river.

... Read more
Castalia identifies PPP opportunities in the Haiti Port Sector | 01 Apr 2013
Castalia is helping the Government of Haiti, and in particular the National Port Authority, identify and implement Public Private Partnership (PPP) opportunites in its port sector.... Read more
Castalia Takes Part in APEC Infrastructure Investment Panel | 21 Mar 2013
Chief Executive David Ehrhardt was part of a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities of infrastructure investment in the APEC region.... Read more
Castalia Evaluates Proposed Electricity Transmission Pricing Methodology in New Zealand | 26 Feb 2013
A Castalia review of proposed reforms to transmission pricing in New Zealand concludes that the benefits of changing approach will not outweigh the estimated costs of implementing and operating complex new systems for allocating transmission costs.... Read more
Castalia 2012 Project List | 25 Feb 2013
Castalia was invloved in a lot of exciting infrastructure projects all over the world in 2012!... Read more
Castalia at the 2013 PPP Americas Conference in Colombia | 16 Feb 2013

Chief Executive David Ehrhardt was part of a panel of experts for a discussion entitled "PPPs for Water: Improving Access to an Essential Basic Service" at the 2013 PPP Americas conference being held in Cartegena, Colombia. 

... Read more
Castalia at the 2013 PPP Americas Conference in Colombia | 14 Feb 2013
Managing Director, Alfonso Guzman, moderated a panel of experts during a discussion entitled "Methodologies for Selecting PPP Projects: Beyond Value for Money" at the 2013 PPP Americas conference being held in Cartegena, Colombia. ... Read more
Castalia Advises the National Water Commission (NWC) of Jamaica on Tariff Issues | 31 Jan 2013
In anticipation of its next tariff review, the National Water Commission (NWC) of Jamaica has hired Castalia to review the existing tariff structure and help prepare its application for a rate increase.... Read more
Paper on the Bahamian Water Sector Presented at OOCUR Conference | 10 Nov 2012
Bahamas WSC General Manager Glen Laville presented a paper, coauthored by Castalia, advocating for water sector restructuring at the Organization of Caribbean Utility Regulators (OOCUR) conference... Read more
Release of Castalia Final Report on the Anguilla Renewable Energy Integration Project | 28 Oct 2012

Castalia Final Report and Explanatory Note for the Anguilla Renewable Energy Integration Project released October 26, 2012.

... Read more
Castalia-CREF Renewable Energy Islands Index for the Caribbean | 10 Oct 2012
Release of the first annual benchmark for progress on renewable energy in the region... Read more
NZ Gas Industry Co Releases Castalia Report on Insolvent Retailers | 26 Jun 2012
In New Zealand, Castalia helps the Gas Industry Company consider whether to develop a regulatory backstop for gas retailer insolvency.... Read more
Castalia Advises the Australian Port Authority | 21 Jun 2012
A recent Australian Financial Review article cites a Castalia report on wage rates and productivity in the port sector. ... Read more
Castalia Helps Design Successful "Hibah" Subsidy for Improved Water Access in Indonesia | 22 May 2012
Castalia helped design a new "hibah" subsidy for water access in Indonesia, which is now showing truly positive results... Read more
Castalia Provides Due Diligence on Successful A$2.3 bil Sydney Desalination Deal | 17 May 2012
Castalia successfully advised an international consortium for a A$ 2.3 billion deal with New South Wales to sign a long-term lease of a desalination plant in Sydney... Read more
Castalia Contibutes to World Bank Institute PPP Reference Guide | 12 May 2012
The Castalia team contibutes to the recently published definitive PPP Reference Guide... Read more
Vishal Joshipura joins Castalia | 07 May 2012
Castalia is pleased to announce that Vishal Joshipura has joined Castalia as Vice President... Read more
Castalia Hosts Successful Anguilla Workshop on Renewables | 27 Apr 2012
Castalia helps the Anguilla Government design and deliver climate compatible development... Read more
Castalia Advises Anguilla on Renewable Energy | 06 Apr 2012
High cost of diesel spurs renewable energy  in the Caribbean... Read more
Castalia Assists Zimbabwe with PPPs | 20 Mar 2012
Castalia helps identify barriers to private investment in infrastructure. ... Read more
Wellington: The Little Cable Car that Could | 11 Jan 2012
An article written by David Ehrhardt and Isabella Gawith in regard to Wellington's Cable Car is published in Handshake magazine.... Read more
Castalia Helps Telstra Launch Cloud Services | 09 Nov 2011

Telstra Australia launches cloud platform virtual server... 

... Read more
Castalia advises Barbados on Sustainable Energy Framework | 20 Oct 2011
The Cabinet of Barbados approved the renewable energy policy, energy efficiency policy, and proposed amendment to legislation that Castalia designed under a contract with IDB that has already led to $55 million in loans by IDB, with further $70 million being negotiated.... Read more
Castalia Assists WAPP Secretariat to Conduct PPP Workshop | 19 Oct 2011

Castalia recently worked with the WAPP Secretariat to conduct a five-day PPP Workshop for high-level professionals and decision-makers.

... Read more
Shaping the Debate over Carbon Tax in Australia | 13 Oct 2011

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has released Castalia's report on the proposed carbon tax.

... Read more
Lowering Electricity Costs in Jamaica-the Debate on Castalia Report | 01 Aug 2011

Newspapers in Jamaica have picked on up on Castalia's analysis of options to reduce the cost of power. To read the article click here.

To read the subsequent debate on Castalia's report click on the link below.

... Read more
Castalia Commissioned for Costing of Universal Service Obligation in Australia | 02 Jul 2011
Castalia was commissioned to model the cost of meeting the standard telephone service and payphone universal service obligations in Australia, to inform negotiations between the Commonwealth Government and Telstra on USO payments. ... Read more
Results from Castalia’s Evaluation of Bucharest Water Concession | 09 Jun 2011

The IFC has released a video on meeting global water challenges, including results from Castalia's evaluation of the Bucharest Water Concession. To view the video click here.

... Read more
BusinessNZ Report Provides Valuable Information on Emissions Trends | 25 Mar 2011
BusinessNZ has launched an ETS Booklet prepared with input from Castalia. The booklet raises some important questions for the debate about the future direction of New Zealand's Emissions Trading Scheme.... Read more
Castalia Advises on National Infrastructure Planning in New Zealand | 21 Mar 2011
Castalia recently delivered a report for BusinessNZ on how national infrastructure planning could be improved in New Zealand.... Read more
Energy Conservation Policy Developments in Turks and Caicos Islands | 17 Mar 2011

In an effort to cut costs and improve energy efficiency, the Turks and Caicos Islands Government has engaged Castalia to develop an energy conservation policy and implementation strategy.

... Read more
Castalia Assists with Water Contract in Haiti | 09 Mar 2011

Castalia assisted the Government of Haiti and donors in preparing a contract to improve the delivery of water and wastewater services in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

... Read more
Irrigation PPP e-learning resources | 02 Feb 2011
Castalia Contributes to Global Learning on Public Private Partnerships in Irrigation... Read more
Electricity sparks bank thought | 15 Dec 2010

An article written by Alex Sundakov and Linda Evans appeared in the The Australian with regard to applying consistent competition principles to disclosure across all markets.

... Read more
First jump on Water Corp Woes | 24 Nov 2010
The Bahamas government are ready to take action on the water situation, following Castalia report... Read more
Turks and Caicos lastest policy developments | 24 Nov 2010
Turks and Caicos Islands selects Castalia to develop a national energy conservation policy and implementation strategy.... Read more
New Water PPP Guidelines Published for Mexico | 12 Nov 2010

The leading fund agency for the Mexican Water Sector, CONAGUA, has just released its new water sector guidelines.

... Read more
NEDA Adopts Model Contracts | 26 Oct 2010

The Philippines National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) has adopted the Model PPP Contracts prepared by Castalia.

... Read more
Big Issues Facing Renewable Energy | 26 Oct 2010
Castalia's CEO presented recently to the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum on the "Big issues facing renewable energy in the region"... Read more
Hibah Grant Agreements Signed | 15 Oct 2010
On June 18 the Indonesian Central Government and 25 local Governments signed Hibah Grant Agreements as part of the Water and Wastewater Hibah Grant from the Government of Australia.... Read more
Applicability of International PPP Models to U.S. Airports | 27 Jul 2010
Castalia's Senior Advisor Brian Chase presents an overview of airport PPP's at ARTBA conference.... Read more
New Zealand Moving Ahead with School PPPs | 26 Jul 2010
The New Zealand Government is taking the next step towards a public-private partnership (PPP) for building and maintaining some new school property.... Read more
Task Force Report Offers Reform Roadmap | 12 Jul 2010

The New Jersey Privatization Task Force report picks up some recommendations from Castalia

... Read more
Dr. Gale Appointed to Commerce Commission | 01 Jul 2010
Castalia senior staff member Dr. Stephen Gale has been appointed to the New Zealand Commerce Commission.... Read more
Euromoney Article References Castalia Ideas on US P3s | 22 Apr 2010
Euromoney has published an article that references Castalia's ideas on getting pension funds investing in US infrastructure... Read more
Castalia Testimony to New Jersey Privatization Task Force | 08 Apr 2010
Castalia CEO David Ehrhardt testifies to the New Jersey Privatization Task Force on lessons learned from global P3 experience... Read more
Impact of Regulation on Water Utilities | 25 Mar 2010
Water Policy has published an article by Castalia's David Ehrhardt and Nils Janson examining whether regulation can improve the performance of government-controlled water utilities... Read more
Initial Assessment of Bridge Dispute | 23 Mar 2010
Castalia Senior Advisor, Brian Chase, recently provided an initial assessment of the Ambassador Bridge's financial value in light of recent political, legal, and economic developments... Read more
Policy Recommendations for Private Investment | 16 Mar 2010
Castalia provided recommendations to take advantage of private investment available for transportation funding.... Read more
Institutional Investing in Infrastructure | 12 Feb 2010
Castalia Senior Advisor, Brian Chase, reviews the challenge of decentralized decision making for infrastructure public private partnerships in the US... Read more
Insights on Innovative Finance | 14 Jan 2010
The Transportation Research Board invited Castalia's Chief Executive to share his insights... Read more
Transport Governance Sourcebook Released | 08 Dec 2009
The World Bank has published the Sourcebook on Deterring Corruption and Improving Govenance in Road Construction and Maintenance prepared by Castalia ... Read more
Solutions for High-Speed Rail Effectiveness | 30 Nov 2009

Infra-Americas notes Castalia among industry leaders gathered at the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships annual conference to discuss Arizona and U.S. P3 opportunities

... Read more
Australian Business Review Weekly — Carbon Pollution Reduction Schemes and SMEs | 19 Nov 2009

Citing a major report prepared by Castalia, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) says minimal compensation promised to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

... Read more
Recommendations for Managing Contingent Liabilities Endorsed | 20 Aug 2009
The Government of the Philippines has endorsed Castalia's recommendations to reform its management of contingent liabilities... Read more
Castalia to Serve as P3 Advisor in Miami | 15 Jul 2009
Castalia is proud to have been selected by Miami-Dade County, Florida to serve as its P3 advisor. ... Read more
Castalia is a Financial Advisor for Florida P3 Program | 03 Jul 2009
Castalia has been appointed as a financial advisor to the Florida Department of Transportation to help develop public private partnerships... Read more
Securing SMEs in Low Carbon Australian Future | 24 Jun 2009
Castalia has released a report that measures the likely effects of a proposed cap-and-trade scheme for carbon emisions on trade-exposed small and medium sized businesses in Australia... Read more
Castalia Provides Leadership on Climate Change Policy | 23 Jun 2009
Castalia team members have written an article published in Tax Notes exploring the way in which climate change policy options in the United States would interact with existing tax incentives for conventional and renewable energy  ... Read more