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Castalia to Serve as P3 Advisor in Miami

Castalia is proud to have been selected by Miami-Dade County, Florida to serve as its P3 advisor.  Our team of experienced professionals brings a unique capability to the County's P3 program that is needed in the marketplace.  With an approach that is based on helping governments redefine how they identify "assets" and create new value beyond simply accelerating the realization of existing value, we look forward to supporting Miami-Dade County maximize resource utilization, improve performance and achieve service delivery efficiency through innovative thinking.

The Castalia team brings together strong credentials to provide Miami-Dade County with a unique combination of Florida, U.S., and global P3 expertise. Castalia also has deep experience in relevant infrastructure and public service sectors and the requisite understanding of accounting, internal control, and financial reporting issues surrounding P3 projects. The distinct advantage of the Castalia team is our uncompromised focus on the public’s interest and our comprehensive approach to P3s across multiple sectors including seaports, airports, energy, water/wastewater, social infrastructure, transportation and others. Our independence from financiers and engineering firms allows us to focus exclusively on our primary goal: helping deploy public resources in a manner that maximizes value to achieve the best public services and the most livable communities.

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