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Irrigation PPP e-learning resources

The Global PPP Network recently launched  an e-learning course on public private partnerships (PPPs) in irrigation.  The online course, developed by Castalia and Vivayic is one of the World Bank Institutes core learning resources on agriculture water management and represents an innovative, technology-based approach to global capacity building and dissemination of key concepts and best practices in economic and infrastructure development.  The course aims to improve participants understanding of how water management challenges can be addressed through private sector participation.  Participants are taken through a sequence of three modules that apply case studies, interactive activities, quizzes, and other learning techniques to explain the features of PPPs, how they relate to water management and irrigation, and how a properly structured PPP can maximize benefits for all stakeholders and overcome common problems with government-provided irrigation services.

 The complete e-learning course and other PPP-related resources can be found at

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