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Castalia-CREF Renewable Energy Islands Index for the Caribbean

Castalia and New Energy Events launch the Renewable Energy Islands Index for the Caribbean

The Index ranks Caribbean jurisdictions based on their readiness to develop and implement renewable energy projects that are economically viable. This year's rankings were launched at the CREF conference in Puerto Rico on October 15th. The Index was created specifically for the energy community of the Caribbean, to track real progress and real prospects in renewable energy investment in the Caribbean. It is intended to help project developers and financiers see where the action is. Governments that want to attract renewable energy investment can use the Index to see how their country is doing relative to others, and adjust their policies and plans if needed to get a higher ranking and attract more investment in renewable energy.

Read about the Index methodology, explore the information database, or view the 2012 results.

If you are a Caribbean government or utility, help us improve the Index in future years by sending your relevant information to With it, we can ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information is available for calculation of the Index rankings.

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