Castalia’s experience in infrastructure sectors allows us to help clients across a range of other sectors resolve issues of market structure, regulation, financing and public policy. In particular, Castalia has provided advice in the following sectors:

  • Agribusiness: Castalia advises on ownership structures and business strategies that reflect the complexities of the agricultural sector. We also analyse sector developments such as major investments, mergers and sector reforms and evaluate the wide-ranging public impacts associated with many agribusiness issues. Castalia has advised on some of New Zealand’s ground-breaking agribusiness developments, including dairy industry restructuring, the evolution of an independent livestock corporation, deregulation of the pipfruit industry, supply chain issues in the kiwifruit industry, and the implications of genetic modification for the meat and wool industries
  • Banking and Finance: Castalia provides advice on sector regulation and competition that ensure a stable and viable banking and financial sector. We understand the banking industry and the different types of participants involved, such as financial institutions, intermediaries, and government agencies. We also have experience with a variety of banking products, including electronic payments systems and wholesale and retail banking services
  • Pharmaceuticals: Castalia has worked extensively for governments and health industry participants to formulate pharmaceutical reform policies and evaluate policy outcomes. Our advice in the pharmaceutical sector takes into account the different aspects of the pharmaceutical industry which includes research and development, clinical trials, marketing and distribution as well as the different types of pharmaceutical products and services such as prescription and non-prescription drugs