PRACTICE AREA | Policy Advocacy and Strategy

Castalia helps clients understand and influence the policy and market environment in which they operate.

Our skills in market analysis, regulation, financing and public policy enable us to help clients across a range of different industries develop strategic approaches to policy.

We help our clients:

Policy advocacy

The key features of our work in the area of policy advocacy and strategy are:

  • Credible and fact-based policy: Our policy proposals are well-researched and supported by the appropriate use of empirical evidence
  • Persuasively presented: Our first-hand experience developing government policy allows us to convincingly advocate good public policy through position papers and regulatory submissions
  • Building consensus: We work with public relations experts to develop a consensus around our policy proposals, holding workshops and discussing policy responses with decision makers and key stakeholders.

We also help our commercial clients develop strategies to maximise the opportunities offered by policy developments and protect their business against key risks.