Castalia helps clients understand and influence the policy and market environment in which they operate.
  • Critique of Domestic Climate Change Policy under the Kyoto Protocol, New Zealand
    The New Zealand Government’s decision to ratify the Kyoto Protocol created fiscal impacts that were not clearly understood, causing uncertainty about the domestic policies that would be required to meet the country’s commitments. Castalia’s independent review showed that the government had failed to account for a contingent liability that would exceed NZ$9 billion from 2008–2012. This sparked a national debate on the best policies to allow New Zealand to comply with its international obligations while minimizing economic costs. Media releases discussing Castalia’s work can be found here and here. Castalia report on policies to reduce emissions in New Zealand can be downloaded here [PDF]
  • Review of Relative Strengths of Pharmaceuticals Policy, Canada and New Zealand
    Pharmaceutical policy in Canada and New Zealand operate under a paradigm of government oversight, but the two countries experience quite different policy outcomes. Castalia evaluated areas of policy difference in Canada and New Zealand and developed proposals to improve pharmaceuticals regulation in both countries
  • Policies to Promote High-speed Broadband Internet Access, New Zealand
    Both of the major political parties in New Zealand are committed to rapidly expanding access to high-speed broadband internet. Castalia advised industry representatives on the advantages and potential risks of government intervention, and developed well-conceived policy proposals targeted to expanding high-speed broadband access
  • Review of Approaches to Banking Regulation, New Zealand
    The efficient functioning of the banking sector, with appropriate regulatory oversight, is crucial for strong economic performance. Castalia surveyed international approaches to banking regulation and evaluated how to apply international best practice to improve banking policy and regulation in New Zealand.