Castalia designs and develops public private partnerships to improve infrastructure service delivery.

Castalia has developed PPPs in Australia, New Zealand and France. We also pioneered PPPs in Africa and Eastern Europe, and more recently have developed successful PPPs for a number of Asian countries.

  • Developing a Management-Lease Contract for Water Services to Disneyland Paris, France
    Castalia reviewed a management-lease contract for water supply and sewerage services that covered consumers located in Paris’ eastern suburbs, including Disneyland Paris. The contract was concluded successfully, allowing the Disneyland development to proceed, and improving local water and sanitation services
  • Global Best Practice in Creating PPP Units
    The World Bank and other development agencies often recommend specialist PPP units. Castalia reviewed the design and performance of eight centralised PPP units around the world, including the UK, Australia, South Africa and Korea. We identified key factors for success to provide advice to other countries developing their own PPP programs. Read more
  • Design and Implementation of Water Lease, Guinea
    Castalia designed one of the first contracts for the private provision of water services awarded in an independent African country. The water lease contract was awarded in 1989 and resulted in improved service levels, coverage, and cost recovery.
  • Private Investment in Rural Non-Grid Power Supply, Philippines
    The Government of the Philippines implemented a reform package to attract private investment in small non-grid power systems to improve coverage, reliability, and affordability of electricity services in rural areas. Castalia worked as part of an IFC-team to launch a competitive bidding process for investment opportunities on three islands and was responsible for the technical due diligence within the tender documentation. The tender successfully engaged private sector investors to invest in electricity supply. Read more
  • Improving Water Distribution in Mumbai, India
    The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai decided to adopt new technologies and management methods to improve water distribution in the city of Mumbai (population of approximately 13 million). Castalia designed a PPP pilot scheme in the K-East ward of Mumbai to improve water distribution that is now being implemented across the entire city 
  • Good Practice in Concession Contract Design
    Castalia advised the World Bank and the Operator Roundtable (which included RWE Thames, Ondeo, Saur, and Veolia) on improving concession contracts and other arrangements involving significant private investment in water infrastructure. We examined different approaches for managing contract risks (such as demand and exchange rate fluctuations), and evaluated how particular provisions work in practice
  • Toolkits for Private Participation in Water and Sanitation, World Bank
    The World Bank publishes Toolkits for Private Participation in Water and Sanitation that are considered a definitive guide to design arrangements for private sector participation that lead to better water services and greater access to improved water sources. 
  • Managing the Fiscal Impacts of Contingent Liabilities, Philippines
    To promote fiscally responsible PPPs in the Philippines, Castalia is helping the Ministry of Finance manage contingent liabilities. We have devised a way for the Ministry of Finance to value explicit and implicit contingent liabilities (such as guarantees) for PPPs, and determine the optimal level of fiscal support for PPP projects
  • Renegotiation of Mass Transit Franchises, Melbourne, Australia.
    The State of Victoria had contracted out the operation of its trams, suburban and regional train systems under five lease-operating contracts. Lower than expected passenger growth threatened the operators with bankruptcy. Castalia was part of a team that worked with State Government to restructure the contracts, preserving the viability of the operators while retaining for the State as much of the benefit of the partnership as possible
  • Irrigation PPP Training Module, World BankThe World Bank Institute has introduced an innovative learning program on Managing Agricultural Water under Climate Challenges. As part of this program Castalia developed a three-day face-to-face training course and a series of e-Learning Modules on developing Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Irrigation.  Targeted at government officials and farmer groups, the course and e-modules are designed to teach participants about the core features of PPPs and how a well-designed PPP can help overcome common performance problems with government-provided irrigation. The course and modules guide participants through the stages of developing a PPP transaction, drawing on case studies such as the West Delta Irrigation Project in Egypt.