WATER | Projects

  • Designing Financial Architecture for Municipal Water Supply, Indonesia
    Following decentralization in Indonesia, continued underinvestment in water and sanitation infrastructure impedes growth, despite apparently sufficient capital. Castalia was engaged to test the level of under-investment, and to investigate possible causes, including deficiencies in local government financing arrangements. To encourage investment, Castalia designed a financing initiative to mobilize sub-national government resources, and recommended new accounting and control mechanisms to protect the public interest
  • Developing a Management-Lease Contract for Water Services to Disneyland Paris, France
    Castalia reviewed a management-lease contract for water supply and sewerage services that covered consumers located in Paris’ eastern suburbs, including Disneyland Paris. The contract was concluded successfully, allowing the Disneyland development to proceed, and improving local water and sanitation services
  • Design and Implementation of Water Lease, Guinea
    Castalia designed one of the first contracts for the private provision of water services awarded in an independent African country. The water lease contract was awarded in 1989 and resulted in improved service levels, coverage, and cost recovery
  • Improving Water Distribution in Mumbai, India
    The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai decided to adopt new technologies and management methods to improve water distribution in the city of Mumbai (population of approximately 13 million). Castalia designed a PPP pilot scheme in the K-East ward of Mumbai to improve water distribution that is now being implemented across the entire city
  • Toolkits for Private Participation in Water and Sanitation, World Bank
    The World Bank publishes Toolkits for Private Participation in Water and Sanitation that are considered a definitive guide to design arrangements for private sector participation that lead to better water services and greater access to improved water sources. Castalia wrote chapters on risk allocation, contract design, and on regulatory mechanisms for interpreting and modifying PSP arrangements, available here [PDF].
  • Explanatory Notes on Water Regulation, World Bank
    The World Bank put together explanatory notes to address confusion about the meaning of regulation in the context of water supply and sanitation services. Castalia help to draft the explanatory notes, clarifying the role of independent regulators and economic regulation to effectively address specific issues in providing good quality water and sanitation services at reasonable prices. The explanatory notes can be accessed here
  • Review of Asset Base and Capital Expenditure Plan of Water and Sewerage Authority, Trinidad and Tobago
    The water utility in Trinidad and Tobago proposed a capital investment plan in excess of US$1.6 billion over the next five years. The Regulated Industries Commission engaged Castalia to carry out an independent assessment of this capital expenditure plan and asset base. We found only 30 percent of the proposed plan had been shown to meet the regulatory criteria. 
  • Water Sector Reform Strategy, Philippines
    The Government of the Philippines wanted to understand why its water sector reform strategy had not yielded substantial improvements across all areas of the sector. Castalia diagnosed the reasons for different impacts and recommended new reform initiatives for real change in the water sector
  • Good Governance Turn-Around Plan for Guyana’s Water Utility, Department for International Development
    A DFID audit found evidence of corruption and poor governance within Guyana’s national water utility. Castalia worked with the new management of the water company to develop a turn-around plan, incorporating a strategy for combating corruption. The strategy was adopted by the water company, and secured continued DFID support. Castalia is now helping the CEO to implement the strategy.
  • Review of Watercare’s Funding Plan, New Zealand
    Watercare—the bulk water and sanitation service provider for Auckland—wanted to review its capital expenditure plan and charging mechanisms. Castalia developed a least-cost expansion plan for Watercare by demonstrating that improving the distribution network and reducing leakage was more economical than augmenting supply. Castalia also developed tariff policies to make the physical plan work by contributing to demand-side management
  • Reducing Corruption and Improving Governance in the Water Sector, World Bank
    Governance and anti-corruption is a key focus area for the World Bank. We developed Sourcebooks for the World Bank on deterring corruption and improving governance in urban water and sanitation to help practitioners identify corruption risks, and develop workable plans to improve governance in projects, utilities, and infrastructure sectors