Castalia helps businesses and governments solve problems of vital public interest in energy, water, the environment, and competition policy. A specialised and rapidly growing consulting firm, we have offices in Washington DC, Paris, Bogota, Sydney, and Wellington, New Zealand. Staff in all locations work together as a team, and often travel on international assignments.

Current Opportunities

Washington DC, USA Sydney, Australia Wellington, New Zealand

Economic and Financial Analyst - Water Sector       

Business Development Associate 


Economic and Finance Analyst       

Senior Economic and Finance Analyst

Graduate Recruitment  

Senior Analyst - Economics, Finance, Policy


New York, USA Bogotá, Colombia  Paris, France


Economic and Financial Analyst - Water Sector


Instructions for applying:

  • All applicants should submit their resume and a one-page cover letter outlining why you want to work at Castalia, why you think you would be a valuable addition to our team, and an indication of salary expectations.

As part of the Castalia team, you will work on solving problems like:

  • What price should we pay to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
  • How can developing countries provide their citizens with enough power and water?
  • When should suppliers of infrastructure services be regulated, and how should prices and service standards be set?
  • How much should an investor pay to acquire a power plant or network?
  • Which renewable energy sources offer the most promise, and how can they be developed?