OBA with incumbency: Decision process interactive diagram (Flash)

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 Energy From Gap to Opportunity: Business Models for Scaling Up Energy Access  

Options to Bring Down the Cost of Electricity in Jamaica

  Presentation to Energy Summit July 2006
John Beckett
Presentation 1.4MB
  Philippines OBA Approaches, Improving Electricity supply on remote islands 268kb
  Greenhouse Gas Emission Policies 547kb
  Genesis Submission to ERC on Competition and Barriers 144kb
  Kyoto Protocol - New Zealand's Position during the First Commitment Period 225kb
  Kyoto Protocol - Disclosure of Contingent Liability 130kb
  Anguilla Renewable Energy Integration Project  
  International Experience with Single Buyer Models for Electricity  
  Estimating WACC for Regulated Utilities in the United States  
  Rwanda:  Extending Access to Energy  

Capital Subsidies Implicit in Concessional Finance
William Kingdon, Axel Baeumler, Alfonso Guzman

  Stanford CRGP Infrastructure Opportunity and Challenges - Colombia
Castalia Managing Director Alfonso Guzman Participates in Roundtable Discussion in Cartegena
  Explanatory Notes on Key Topics in the Regulation of Water and Sanitation Services WORLD BANK DISCUSSION PAPER - E Groom, J Halpern and D Ehrhardt  
  Easing Tariff Increases - Guinea Water Lease
P Brook, A Locussol
  Lessons from the Guinea Water Lease
P Brook
  Reforming Water Supply in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
C Menard G Clarke
  Improving Water Services through Competition
D Ehrhardt, M Webb
  Investment in Indonesia's Water Sector: Evidence of Financing, Capacity and Governance Effects  
Telecommunications Content Access: The New Bottleneck? pdf  893kb 
  Need for Periodic Reviews of Regulatory Frameworks: Case Studies in Communications pdf  2MB
 Transport The Effect of Wages on Australian Port Costs  
Multi Sector Review Institutions, Performance and the Financing of Infrastructure Services in the Caribbean World Bank Working Paper no.58 (edited by Abhas Kumar Jha) 3.7MB
  The Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility  
  Avoiding Customer and Taxpayer Bailouts in Private Infrastructure Projects: Policy Toward Leverage, Risk Allocation and Bankruptcy  
 Governance Deterring Corruption and Improving Governance in the Electricity Sector  
  Deterring Corruption and Improving Governance in Road Construction and Maintenance  
  Deterring Corruption and Improving Governance in the Urban Water Supply & Sanitation Sector  
  Designing Effective Regulation for the Pacific Context  
  Explanatory Notes on Key Topics in the Regulation of Water and Sanitation Services  
  Economic Regulation of Urban Water and Sanitation Services: Some Practical Lessons  
  Big Challenges, Small States: Regulatory Options to Overcome Infrastructure Constraints  
Other New Zealand Pharmaceutical Policies
Alex Sundakov
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Strategy Free Entry in Infrastructure
D Ehrhardt, R Burdon
World Bank Public-Private Partnerships Reference Guide 1.2MB
  PPIAF PPP Basics and Principles of a PPP Framework  
  PPIAF Objectives of a Public Private Partnership Program  
  PPIAF Policy and Legal Environment for Public Private Partnership  
  PPIAF Developing a Public Private Partnership Framework: Policies and PPP Units  
  PPIAF Government Procedures for Developing and Implementing PPPs  
  PPIAF Unsolicited Proposals  
  PPIAF Draft PPP Policy Outline  
  World Bank Best Practices in Public-Private Partnerships Financing in Latin America: the role of subsidy mechanisms  

PPP vs. Public Procurement - How to decide?


Key Challenges to Public Private Partnerships in South Africa

  Not so Bright? the Darker Side of PPPs
D Ehrhardt - Competition and Regulation Times - September 2005
  Types of contract for Private Provision of Water
  Concessions for Infrastructure
M Kerf et al
Regulation Impact of market Structure on Service Options for the Poor
D Ehrhardt