Castalia Staff


David Ehrhardt

David Ehrhardt - Chief Executive

David focuses on private finance and regulation of infrastructure and utilities. Qualified in law and economics, his experience prior to Castalia includes work on infrastructure, regulation and finance at the New Zealand Treasury, London Economics and Azurix. He is skilled in developing new structures for private investment in public infrastructure, and also advises governments on ways to improve policy and organization in infrastructure sectors.
Alex Sundakov

Alex Sundakov - Executive Director

Alex joined Castalia as Executive Director after a career spanning the New Zealand Treasury, the International Monetary Fund, and serving as a Director for the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research. Mr. Sundakov co-manages Castalia and leads many of Castalia’s consulting assignments on competition and regulatory policy and infrastructure transactions. Alex has a particular interest in climate change policy, and advises commercial clients on compliance with the emission trading schemes and on carbon risk management. Alex also frequently acts as an expert witness before courts, regulatory hearing and legislative commissions.
Anton Murashev

Anton Murashev - Managing Director

Anton is Managing Director of Castalia Strategic Advisors, based in Wellington, where he has responsibility for the New Zealand and Pacific Practice. Anton has a unique blend of economic knowledge and hands on commercial expertise, backed by a wide range of New Zealand and international experience. Anton re-joined Castalia after 9 years at Jemena, one of Australia's largest multi-utilities, where he held a number of regulatory and commercial roles. Anton was responsible for the commercial analytics, revenue, and pricing functions across Jemena's gas, electricity, smart metering and water networks. He also led Jemena's regulatory team at a time of dynamic change, and was seconded to Singapore Power to assist with its electricity and gas price reviews. Prior to that, Anton co-lead Castalia's New Zealand energy practice, as well as managing and leading analysis on international infrastructure development projects. Before initially joining Castalia, Anton worked at Vector and the New Zealand Commerce Commission in policy and regulatory roles.

Michael Schur

Michael Schur - Managing Director

Michael is Managing Director of Castalia Strategic Advisors, based in Sydney, where he has responsibility for the Australian and South East Asian practices.  Michael has a wealth of public and private sector experience.  Most recently he was Head of PPP Services at Leighton Contractors where he managed a range of PPP related transactions and investments. Michael was simultaneously Chief Executive Officer of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital project, a $1.85 billion PPP in South Australia. Prior to that Michael spent a number of years with the NSW Treasury, initially as head of the Office of Infrastructure Management and later as Treasury Secretary, in which role he was the Government’s chief economic advisor. He led a team of 300 staff and advised the Government on economic policy, financial management and budgeting, and oversaw several successful privatisations and PPPs.

Patrick Longmire

Patrick Longmire - Vice President, Clean Energy Finance

Patrick advises renewable energy project developers in Africa on raising financing for their projects, as well as buy-side investors on cross-border acquisitions. During his tenure with leading global financial institutions, he has amassed extensive experience in financial transactions ranging from M&A to public/private debt and equity placements, and played a key role in assisting companies enter foreign energy markets. Patrick holds a BA from Stanford University, a Master of Arts in Social Change and Development from Johns Hopkins University and an MBA in International Finance from the Wharton School of Business.
Gianmarco Servetti

Gianmarco Servetti - Practice Leader

Gianmarco advises public and private entities on improving electricity services and investing in sustainable energy projects. His expertise covers the key areas for achieving better power supply and demand, particularly through renewable energy and energy efficiency: economic and financial analysis of projects and programs; design of policy, regulatory, and financial mechanisms; assessment of investment opportunities; development of innovative business models; and structuring of public-private partnerships. Gianmarco holds a Master of Arts in International Economics and Energy Policy from the Johns Hopkins University, and a Degree in International Relations from the University of Trieste.

Ikepo Oyenuga

Ikepo Oyenuga - Chief Operating Officer

A former investment banker with Barclays Capital (NY, USA) and Financial Derivatives Ltd. (Lagos, Nigeria), Ikepo advised on over US$3 billion in transactions between 2007 and 2010. As the Chief Operating Officer of Castalia, she is responsible for strategy development, integrated human capital management, business development, facilities and communication for Castalia globally. Before taking up the COO role, Ikepo led the development of Castalia’s work on finance and reform of power and water in sub-Saharan Africa, leading about US$5 million of advisory assignments in Nigeria, Ghana and 8 other countries. She is qualified with a Master’s in Public Policy from Georgetown University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Hood College
Andrew Sprott

Andrew Sprott - Director

Andrew specializes in infrastructure planning and financing and delivery methods, and applies this expertise for public and private clients globally. He has advised governments in North America, Europe, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East on how to plan, structure, and procure PPPs. He has developed customized tools for screening infrastructure projects (including PPPs), and prepared sector policies and laws. He leads Castalia's work in North America and manages the company's relationships with the Build America Bureau in the US Department of Transportation and the District of Columbia's OP3. He is an engaging trainer who has worked to build capacity in PPP Units and other government agencies in several jurisdictions. Andrew holds a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from Portland State University and a Masters of Economics and International Relations from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. He is fluent in English and proficient in Spanish.
Dylan James

Dylan James - Director

Dylan advises clients in the public and private sector on policy and strategy issues. Qualified in economics and business strategy, Dylan specialises in the interface between corporate strategy, regulatory policy and competition issues. Prior to Castalia Dylan has worked in corporate strategy and public sector roles including policy management, network strategy and pricing, market research and regulatory costing and modelling. His advice has included development of regulatory costing and pricing models, funding and pricing reviews, regulatory strategy and evaluation, policy evaluation, cost benefit analysis and business case development including corporate transactions. Dylan has a degree in economics and holds a Masters in Business Administration from Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand).

Peter Hoogland

Peter Hoogland - Director

Peter has extensive experience in the Australian energy sector, gained from working in the sector in regulatory and energy trading positions and for the government in the area of energy policy and reform and ownership monitoring. He has been involved in substantial reforms of the Australian energy market to improve the governance and economic regulatory framework. This involved establishing a national energy regulator and an independent rule making body as well as national regulation of electricity and gas distribution and national transmission planning and regional boundaries review processes. Peter was also responsible for monitoring the commercial performance of the eight electricity businesses owned by the NSW Government. Peter graduated from Curtin University with a business degree. Prior to joining Castalia in 2009, Peter was Director at NSW Treasury
Scarlett Piantini

Scarlett Piantini - Director

Scarlett is an economic and policy analyst in infrastructure, specializing in water and energy in Latin America and the Caribbean. She has advised governments, private clients, and development banks in over 20 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa. She specializes in building institutional capacity and designing business plans to turn around utilities, designing systems and models to prioritize cost-effective investments, calculating the reasonable cost of service provision, and structuring public-private partnerships to improve service provision. Prior to Castalia, Scarlett worked as Executive Project Coordinator at Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo, a development non-profit in the Dominican Republic. Scarlett holds a Master of Science in Foreign Service focusing on International Finance and Economic Development from Georgetown University. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Institutions and Economic Development from the College of the Holy Cross. She is fluent in Spanish and English, and proficient in French.

Jonathan Walters

Jonathan Walters - Senior Advisor

Jonathan joined Castalia as Senior Advisor in 2014, after 26 years at the World Bank (primarily in the infrastructure sectors), and working with BP (for 3 years) on the development impact of oil and gas investments, as well as working in the Government of Swaziland (for 3 years) on trade and investment issues.  Jonathan has extensive experience in clean energy, climate finance, policy and regulatory frameworks for network infrastructure investments, institution-building and design of technical assistance, project preparation and evaluation, regional integration, and analyzing the macroeconomic implications of infrastructure services.  He is particularly versed in strategy formulation and in building coalitions to move policy reform processes forward in complex political environments.
Basil Sutherland

Basil Sutherland - Director (Associate)

Mr. Basil Sutherland is a Chartered Engineer with over 35 years of experience in engineering and engineering management positions in the electric and water utility industries. Mr. Sutherland has experience in power and infrastructure project financing, privatization, development banking, and in policy formulation for the energy and water sectors. Mr. Sutherland played a key role in the reform and privatization of Jamaica’s energy sector, and has extensive experience in the Caribbean in utility management issues and strategy, privatization, finance, and regulation. He has held senior positions with the National Water Commission, the Jamaica Public Service Company, the National Investment Bank of Jamaica, the Caribbean Development Bank, and the Commonwealth Development Corporation. He helped to manage Jamaica’s pioneering and successful IPP program in the early 1990s, and was involved in a number of other successful transactions.

A citizen of Jamaica, Mr. Sutherland was the local team leader for Castalia's work benchmarking the electricity utilities in the Eastern Caribbean, as well as advising Lucelec and the Barbados FTC on tariff structures and generation efficiency. He helped reform the Guyanese water sector, and to set up the regulatory framework in preparation from privatization of the water utility in St. Lucia.