Water and sanitation utilities are capital intensive businesses, with long investment cycles, strict environmental standards, and political and regulatory pressure on tariffs. These utilities are best operated according to commercial principles, but public sentiment often discourages water and sanitation services from being treated commercially. These features make private investment in the sector particularly sensitive—yet handled correctly, private participation can bring great benefits.

Since 1980, Castalia has provided advice to clients throughout the world on how best to organize the provision of water services. Our work has helped to engage private investors in the provision of water services and has improved the supply of water in both developed and developing countries. Castalia advises companies and governments on important water sector issues, including:

  • Industry structure and regulation: Castalia has been at the forefront of efforts to restructure the provision of water services to improve outcomes for consumers. Industry restructuring is often accompanied by a rethink of regulation, and Castalia has experience designing appropriate regulatory frameworks, and working with companies and regulators to apply them
  • Introducing private investment: We have helped Governments in developed and developing countries work with the private sector to improve water quality and reliability, as well as sanitation services. Castalia’s experience in bringing private finance and management to the sector is unrivalled.
  • Corporate strategy: Castalia draws upon a wealth of international experience to help utility managers make sound technical and commercial decisions, while balancing the competing interests of regulators, customer, Governments and the environment.